Celebrating handmade goods: This mother-daughter​ duo’s indie brand will make you ‘turn your heads’


Dipti and her mother Madhu’s indie brand “Baar Baar Dekho” is a heaven for people who love stationery and little collectibles for their space. The two ladies have successfully created a business that is all about handmade stationery, cute little decor items like cushions and coasters, and a whole lot of love and warmth. This mother-daughter duo are boss ladies and truly make a dream team!

Today we are in conversation with Dipti, Co-founder of Baar Baar Dekho. She speaks about the inception of her brand,  how her mom became her business partner and the challenges faced by small homegrown brands. 

First of all, how did you come up with the name ‘Baar Baar Dekho’? It is very catchy I must say!

Haha.. thank you. Yes, I do think it’s catchy. More often than not, we hear people humming ‘Baar baar dekho.. hazaar baar dekho…’ when they cross our stall. And it always gets a huge smile on our face. When we started, the only thing that we were making was handmade decorative mirrors and Baar Baar Dekho seemed like the perfect fit! But a name, most often, remains with you forever. So, we also thought that if we ever expand our product range, will the name still work. It did and so we went ahead with it!

What was the whole idea behind Baar Baar Dekho? What does the brand stand for?

The idea was to do something that we enjoyed doing. Mummy and I used to have so much fun with DIY projects at home. We used to make random things – diyas, lamps, vases, papier-mache mirrors, clay pots among other things and we had the best time creating it all. 

That was the only reason why we started Baar Baar Dekho. It is purely a happiness business. Baar Baar Dekho stands for one thing — ‘Do what you love, with the ones you love!’

Since a lot of stuff is handmade and handled by you and your mum, how have you both divided the work amongst each other? 

I do most of the research on what products we should launch and I also digitally design most of what you see on the site. Mommy takes care of logistics, invoices, and shipping orders. This is a big thing as until 50 she had never even worked on a computer and now she’s a pro at it! When you’re running a business, you have to learn a lot of things. She also takes care of handmade things, most of which we sell in exhibitions.


Dipti with her mother and co-founder, Madhu


How does it feel to have your parents as your business partner? Do you think it is better than having your friend or anyone else as a partner?

It’s extremely fulfilling. More so because I feel moms are so talented! I don’t think I have half the creativity, excitement or energy that mummy has. She stitches, draws, paints, cooks, works on excel sheets and is always trying to do more. She’s made sofa covers, cushions, dresses, curtains, bags, wall hangings and so much more. The good part is that we both love to try and we’re always doing that. I’m sure it must be amazing to start a venture with a friend or anyone else too, but starting a business with a parent is a great feeling when you know the kind of potential one has. The zeal she has is unmatched. 

How do you think the pandemic has affected small businesses? 

We’re living in unprecedented times! It’s a tough time for all startups – big and small. I just hope everyone sustains and we bounce back soonest!

The landscape for small homegrown brands has been changing lately, courtesy Social Media. Your thoughts.  

I don’t know how businesses would grow if social media was shut tomorrow. It’s the best thing to have happened, especially for businesses run by individual artists and creators. It’s also amazing as you get to hear more often – not just from your customers – but also from people who follow you for different reasons. 

The kind of love and messages we receive just makes it all worth it!

What has been your personal experience with social media affecting your business?

It has been amazing! For us, it’s very satisfying to know how customers feel about our products. How did they put our coasters on their desk or how they’re drawing amazing things in the diary they got from us. It gives you a very different kind of happiness seeing people use the things you’ve made after putting in a lot of effort. That really is the biggest kick that we get! 

The majority of our customers come through Instagram and the platform really has been a great force of motivation for us. The fact that people feel connected to us and show so much love, especially for mummy, gives me so much happiness.

Do you think this is just a wave: general consumer moving towards small Indie businesses/brands- or it’s here to stay?

It’s definitely here to stay! Everyone is looking for exclusivity! The kind of uniqueness that comes with small brands is something that one can’t miss. It’s also a good time as people are beginning to understand that homegrown businesses or smaller businesses are worth spending that extra buck on because of what they bring to the table.

Where do you see your brand in the next five years in the Indian market?

Making more products, trying more things, and receiving a lot more love from our customers! As far as the market is concerned, frankly, we are not competing. It’s a big market and I think there’s room for all creators to monetize their passion. We just want to be able to continue doing what we do.

Tips for small businesses/owners which are just starting out

These are things I’ve learned. 

  1. Start as early as possible.
  2. Don’t wait to be ready- you’re never ready and you’re always ready!
  3. Don’t put in a lot of money in the beginning. It might be a scary ride.
  4. Learn A LOT on the way! It’ll never go to waste (even if your business doesn’t work) 
  5. Being scared is okay. Starting up is not easy 🙂

Who among the two of you is more likely to…

  1. Get stressed about orders: Ideally, I should 
  2. Be happy about new orders: Both. But I think my sister is happiest!
  3. Enjoy making new stuff for sale: Both
  4. Get annoyed easily:  Neither
  5. Make more goof-ups: ME! I made a big blunder in our 2020 calendar cover page!! But all is well that ends well!

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To take a look at Dipti’s business and buy her products, visit https://baarbaardekho.com or her Instagram. 

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