Why are Indian men still refusing to use birth control methods?

Camilla Lyndem

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Sex in India is still not openly discussed, not even in urban metropolitan cities. There exists a cultural taboo in accepting it as a natural act, at least until after marriage, which results in general ignorance and fallacy on the subject. There’s a lot more to sex than the act itself, and to educate ourselves on it is crucial. Porn websites alone cannot be the only places one learns about sex from.

The importance of using protection and the types of protection available is an important component of sex education and something which very few equip themselves with knowledge of. If our staggeringly high population is not testimony enough, there’s plenty of data available that supports the statement.

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Simple, hard-hitting and one of Netflix’s finest Hindi cinema, SONI

In the backdrop of the movie there are two female police officers from two completely different classes, struggling to find their power and identity in a male dominated profession; at the forefront of the movie there are two women battling everyday hypocrisy, sexism and misogyny thrown their way at every step.

In the current scenario, a movie like Soni is a breath of fresh air, and shifts our focus to realistic cinema while raising some relevant questions. It does an important task of depicting everyday misogyny and male entitlement throughout the reel with the help of ingenious but thought-provoking scenes.

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Feminism for men: How to be a better ally?

When men say that they support women and feminism what most of them essentially mean is that they support equality till the time it doesn’t get too uncomfortable or challenging for them to question the systemic male privilege and misogyny that benefits them. Men enjoy a position that has been methodically created and upheld since ages for their own advantage, it must be scary to suddenly give up that kind of power, and that is why dismantling patriarchy is so damn difficult. 

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